Prestashop Tutorial - Remove Prestashop 1.7 footer link

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When you use Prestashop as your ecommerce platform, you often see a link at the bottom of your website that linked to Prestashop official website. This is not a bad thing for your SEO, but it will distract the focus of the customers on your website, and indicate that you are an amateur.

In previous versions (1.6 or 1.5) we just had to switch some option in shop back office. In new PrestaShop 1.7 we must to edit template's file. On this Prestashop Tutorial, i will show you how to remove it!

Prestashop tutorial -  How to remove Prestashop 1.7 footer link

Step by step to remove Footer Link

Step I - Open footer.tpl file

We should to edit a file of Prestashop theme: /themes/classic/templates/_partials/footer.tpl - so please open this file and find the code somewhere between lines 38 and 46:

  <a class="_blank" href="http://www.prestashop.com" target="_blank">
          {l s='%copyright% %year% - Ecommerce software by %prestashop%' sprintf=['%prestashop%' => 'PrestaShop™', '%year%' => 'Y'|date, '%copyright%' => '©'] d='Shop.Theme'}

Step II - Remove or edit the code

If you just want to remove "Ecommerce software by PrestaShop" - remove code above. That's all. If you want to change it to add own copyright information, change it as your requirement, for example :

  <a class="_blank" href="/your-website" target="_blank">
          {l s='%copyright% %year% - by %mywebsite%' sprintf=['%mywebsite%' => 'your-business-name', '%year%' => 'Y'|date, '%copyright%' => '©'] d='Shop.Theme'}

Step III - Remove the Footer link on Checkout Page

Update 13/04/2017 : To remove the Prestashop Footer Link on Order/Checkout page, please open your themes/classic/templates/checkout/_partials/footer.tpl file and remove this line :

  <div class="text-xs-center">© 2018 - CLASSIC - {l s='Ecommerce software by' d='Shop.Theme'} PrestaShopTM</div>

Is it easy, right ? :). In case you're looking for a solution to brand your Prestashop email templates so that you look like a pro in the inbox, please take a view on How to remove Powered by Prestashop from email templates tutorial article.

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