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The Winner for the PrestaShop Invoice Templates survey

The Winner for the PrestaShop Invoice Templates survey

Hey, hey everyone.
Last week we sent a survey to 10,000 users of our client's community for asking about their favourite PrestaShop Invoice Template's colour: Black/White Invoice or Colorful!.
Before sending this survey, our developers always love the colourful template! We're developing 3 colourful templates for next month. But the result makes us be surprised!

PrestaShop GDPR Checkbox

GDPR checkbox for PrestaShop Newsletter Popup is available

Are you a PrestaShop store owner who has clients from the EU? Then, GDPR consent is one of the most headache issues for your business.
Now we have good news: the GDPR checkbox feature has been released on the PrestaShop Newsletter Popup module - this module offers a highly conversion-ready newsletter subscription block on your PrestaShop site.
This new function helps you to keep your store in compliance with the law!

Enable or disable verification & confirmation email

Enable or disable verification & confirmation email

Currently, whenever a visitor submits her email on the Newsletter Popup block, she is prompted with a verification email to verify her email address.

We are aware that some people are not comfortable with this.
Therefore, we have added an option to enable or disable this verification & confirmation email.

How to add text to an invoice in PrestaShop

How to add text to PrestaShop invoice

You always want to add text to the invoice file in PrestaShop PDF for editing the PrestaShop invoice template and personalizing your documents. But you only have a default option that only lets you use the company name and the default logo.

This type of document for your PrestaShop store is not only a tool for getting paid and generating receipts. You could use it for reinforcing your brand and for communicating with customers.

But there is a way to personalize your documents by adding text on its content as well as the header and the footer. This article will show you how easy it is!

Delete orders PrestaShop

Easily delete orders PrestaShop in a single button push.

You always want to delete the unwanted orders from a test in PrestaShop admin panel.

Meet DeleteX.

It's a free PrestaShop module that helps you safely delete the default order & test orders. New feature: the latest version of DeleteX provides an option to delete all orders in 1 click!

Newsletter Popup supports ClearOut & TheChecker

Newsletter Popup supports ClearOut & TheChecker

It's easy to improve your Inbox Rates with email verifier services.

Email marketing works because it allows you to succeed in leads and customers within the place they are going a day — the inbox.

Newsletter Popup v.2.9.7 module supports two email verifier services: ClearOut & TheChecker. Now improving the email open rates doesn’t require a lot of heavy lifting and you will save a lot of money on running your business based on a PrestaShop Store.

Click here to register your TheChecker account and get 20% Free Extra Credits

Automatically generate coupon on subscription product PrestaShop

Automatically generate coupon on a subscription product

We heard from you.

We received a lot of early feedback and one of the most requested features was generating a coupon on a subscription product.

So, we have released to bring ChargeMe v5.3.2 to live with Automatically Generate Coupon feature.

Reserve Products Temporary & Cart Expiration: New Update

Reserve Products Temporary & Cart Expiration: New Update

If you are running daily deals, flash sales (or Black Friday Sales) on your PrestaShop store, where you have the limited quantities of product in stock, you always need to take care about the number of products on stock.

Thanks to this module, customers can't add product in their cart if there is no quantity available. No more out of stock. And it will show a notification on product pages that let other customers know when the product will become available for other customers.

Today I'm really excited to show you Reserve Products Temporary & Cart Expiration FOMO v.3.0.0.

Let's see what's new on this release!

Age Restriction Themes: Neon, Snow Fall, Bubbles, Halloween

Age Verification Restriction 18+: Neon, Snow Fall, Bubbles & more

What's up, guys? I'm Sarah with PrestaSOO.

You need a popup to confirm the age when selling alcohol, tobacco... to prevents those who are under age from accessing your store.

But people hate popup!

I'm very excited to show you 4 new themes for Age Verification & Restriction 18+ module: Neon, Bubbles, Snow Fall and Halloween! (Oh, is Halloween is coming?)

  • The Neon theme brings the Bar's style.
  • Bubbles interface is modern and fun.
  • The Snow Fall theme is great preparation for this year's Christmas.
  • And....the Halloween theme will surprise your customers. Wait! Halloween is coming, isn't it?
Newsletter Popup new feature: upload your own image

Newsletter Popup new feature: upload your own image

You love Newsletter Popup module with more than 20+ conversion-ready themes but still want to upload your own image?

After a few days working on our lab, today I can't wait to tell you a new feature on Newsletter Popup module: you can upload your own image for each popup. Crop the image and the result will be updated in real-time.

Prestashop Login: Fix automatic logout problem

Prestashop Login: Fix automatic logout problem

You need to login to PrestaShop Admin to manage your products, track the orders, change the module configuration settings...etc. A few seconds after login success, you automatically log out. What's wrong?

I'm sure that your computer is not the cause of this. For some reason, it kicks you out of the session. It's no fun if PrestaShop developers need to configure their addons or check order status immediately.

Follow this PrestaShop tutorial to figure it out and get the easiest solution by accessing the database of your PrestaShop store.

ChargeMe - Free Trial feature

ChargeMe - Free Trial feature

All we know you have to wait this feature for a long time. Now ChargeMe bring Free Trial Subscription to life and help you to sell online with your own Prestashop eCommerce website has never been easier, faster, or more scalable with PayPal Payment Gateway. PayPal is one of the biggest of all the online payment methods and ChargeMe is one of the top subscription management Prestashop payment modules.

Nowadays, eCommerce retailers are selling access to all sorts of items – from music to foods and even skincare or fitness membership easily by using a domain name and deploying an online store based on Prestashop — an Open source software — in seconds, but they face a challenge: how do they turn customers into subscribers?

Doing an online business is not as simple as creating a website. Just under half of the merchants offered free trials for their subscriptions plan. It's not only about a Payment module or payment method — but also a Subscription Billing and Recurring Payments Software solution for Prestashop website. ChargeMe brings a lot of features helping you to start a subscription business with a no-brainer.

ChargeMe helps you to increase the conversion rates by offering a Free Trial for your subscriptions as well as Multiple Plan options for a subscription product.

Prestashop Admin: Recover Access

Prestashop Admin: Recover Access

This Prestashop tutorial suggests ways to recover access to the Prestashop admin panel.

If you forget your admin password, you can reset your password by e-mail. This is the easiest way to change admin password.

In case this option is not available, you may want to reset the password in the database manually via Control Panel to access the Admin Panel. For example, the e-mail method that you have integrated into the Prestashop website does not work correctly.

COVID-19: Protect your customers

COVID-19: Protect customers with the healthy behaviors

Most of us have to work from home and see the world out there being chaotic. The coronavirus continues to spread and these are dark times for people around the world.

A few recent updates from New Yorks made people worried, but soon, the situation will become more positive. (Here we provided COVID-19 Stats module shows total cases, recovered, deaths with chart from 150+ countries for tracking).

You have to work from home, on a desk inside your bedroom. Yes, i know.

And you have to take care of the kids, feed the dog when typing the email. Yes, i know.

All we have to work to maintain our e-commerce. But, before even thinking about the economic consequences for your business, you should think about the health of your customers.

You can have the most efficient enjoy inside the industry, however, if customers don't feel like you care approximately them, they won’t stay loyal. It's a good time to show you care.

You might need Checklist to Protect — a basic module to show the Checklist Popup on your home page or any pages for the online store.

How to increase maximum upload file size in Prestashop

How to increase maximum upload file size in Prestashop

If you're trying to upload a theme/module that has a big package's file size from your Admin Panel on your Prestashop website, you might get an error:

The file is too large. Allowed maximum size is 2 MB.

I don't think this is the first time you've seen this mistake, and it won't be your last. Follow this PrestaShop tutorial for discovering 2 easy solutions to fix the upload_max_filesize error on uploading a commercial module using Module Manager from the modules page in Prestashop Admin Panel instead of asking your hosting provider.

Average Order Value: 10 Highly-Effective Tips

Average Order Value: 6 Highly-Effective Tips

The Average Order Value (AOV) is the average money amount that a customer spends an order on your Prestashop website with you. It also gives some information regarding customer behavior.

The average order value, with the conversion rate (CR) & revenue per visit (RPP), is the most important value a Prestashop-based online store needs to increase to be profitable. Want to calculate the gross revenue? It's here: Traffic x Conversion Rate x Average Order Value.

Although increasing AOV doesn't factor into your profit margins or gross profit, merchants should first try to improve it, which is the process through which each consumer makes more money. It's a very important KPI (Key Performance Indicator) for any business, including Prestashop E-Commerce Stores, that informs you about your pricing strategies.

Increase this value to a point where it's the maximum it can be for your business based on your own data and industry benchmarks. Then let it work on its own while you continue to focus on other important areas of boosting sales and revenue, like acquiring new customers, increasing the customer lifetime value of eCommerce businesses.

What you have: You launch an eCommerce business to consistently market and sell your products.

What you do: You try many ways to get more traffic. For example, a business owner are spending on advertising thousands of dollars on Google Ads or Facebook Ads, focus much of your energy on writing articles, and optimizing your website.

In fact: more traffic does not equal more success.

Increasing Average Order Values does not cost money, but increasing traffic does. Encourage your customers to buy more expensive products and more products!

You know What does Average Order Value mean. Next questions: How to calculate AOV and especially How to increase the average order value?

This Prestashop tutorial will show you 6 tips to increase your AOV easily.

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