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Author : Frankie
How to install Prestashop Theme - Prestashop Tutorial

Before you start your business on your ecommerce Prestashop site, though, you'll have to install and set up your theme.

These days, owning a professional looking website is of crucial importance for any type of business. And you need a really good theme, because it's your greatest ambassador on this endless digital market.

If it doesn't look professional and presentable, people will avoid interacting with it.

The goal of this tutorial is to show you everything that needs to install Prestashop Theme with Sample Data.

Author : Frankie
How to install Prestashop 1.7 - Prestashop Tutorial

What do you thing about Prestashop? It is one of the most popular content management system for e-commerce websites. It is used by small businesses and large enterprise companies alike, and can be enhanced by thousands of addons. More than 270,000 ecommerce sites worldwide run on PrestaShop and is available in 65 different languages.

It is fairly easy to use, provides a powerfully responsive store interface for shoppers, offers a comprehensive set of features, and it's free.

In this Prestashop tutorial, we will go over installing Prestashop on your hosting / server (i always love to install a Prestashop ecommerce site on a Ubuntu Server - it's lightweight and easy-to-use).

Author : Frankie
How to add a custom link to Prestashop Menu

Want to add a custom link to Prestashop menu? This tutorial shows how to add your link to the menu in Prestashop easily.

Menus in Prestashop may contain links to pages, categories, custom links or other content types. So, in case you want a menu tab to link directly to another website/webpage, then follow these instructions.

Author : Frankie
How to generate Prestashop Invoice by Customer name

Want to generate the invoice by customer name instead of the boring numbers? It's so easy - on this Prestashop Tutorial, i will show you how to do it:

Are you ready? Follow me.

Author : Frankie
Length of description on Prestashop for SEO

Bad news! I said you can write meta descriptions for 300 characters, but it's not correct anymore. Everything has changed!

As of mid-May 2018, Google has reverted back to shorter display snippets and these changes are widespread. Most meta descriptions are being cut off in the previous range of about 155–160 characters

Author : Frankie
What should be the length of title on Prestashop for SEO

How to write a strong SEO Title Tag that Google will love on your Prestashop website? In my previous Prestashop Tutorial on Prestashop SEO Made Simple : A Step-by-Step guide, i said that the title should be succinct between 5 and 10 words, roughly 60 characters. Yesterday when i worked on a Prestashop 1.7 website, i saw that Prestashop suggest you to write a title tag with max 70 characters.

What is the correct number? Because title tags are one of the essential elements, and even a slight change in the meta title of your page can bring a significant shift in your organic rankings, so, we need to find the correct number.

Author : Frankie
How to show subcategories images in Prestashop's top menu

Few months ago i wrote an article to share about the way to show categories images on Prestashop Menu.

Then @Psdesigner and @Damien Belgacig asked me about the way to put subcategories images instead of main category's image. Sorry 2 guys, Disqus didn't tell me about your comments.

Well, as my previous article, if you edit ps_mainmenu template file (ps_mainmenu.tpl) and put the source code as my suggest, all categories images will be showed on Prestashop Menu. In case you only want to allow subcategories images, we need to make some changes.

Author : Frankie
Starting Your Own Subscription Business with Prestashop

Subscription Business is not new and quite common, especially for the services. Since consumer buying habits are trending toward more simple and hassle-free shopping experiences, more and more companies are jumping into the subscription space and seeing incredible growth. It's not difficult to use it on your Prestashop website.

Selling a one-off digital product, service or course may offer you instant gratification. You get an email saying you've made a sale and the money turns up in your bank account. However, you then need to work hard to get a new customer to make a purchase.

One of our clients, Rajković, sell animal food and feeds in Prague, Czech. His products are very good and his clients are very lovely.

But he told me "Frank, i'm losing. I'm spending too much money on advertising."

This costs time and money. So why not try maximising your revenue – and easing your cash flow – by persuading customers to sign up to a membership/subscription? That way your initial marketing investment pays off month after month after month.

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