SEO Redirection

Improve PrestaShop SEO and customer experience by finding broken links, site redirects, and 404 errors
Translations: English, French, Germany, Éspanol, Italian Compatible: Prestashop 1.6, Prestashop 1.7 all versions


Redirect Urls

Powerful features increase Prestashop SEO on next level

301, 302, 303 redirection

404 errors resulting

Automatic & manual redirects
Built for differents SEO needs - migrating to Prestashop, frequently products or categories deletion, URLs pattern modification or 404 issues.

Optimize the SEO, avoid the 404 errors for everyone

Redirect any disabled products, categories, CMS pages, manufacturers and suppliers automatically

Import redirects in bulk

Import redirects from CSV files, that will be especially usefull for migration to Prestashop cases.

Redirects manually

Indicate the Url you want to redirect and the destination one. Redirects can be 301, 302, 303 redirects, activated or deactivated.

Be warned each new error

But is not intrusive. The module attempts to find internal links that could address these issues. You then have to activate them on the fly.

Automatic redirects

Provides a solution for problems related to any page deletion in PrestaShop (404 errors, «link juice» loose) by adding automatic redirects on product, category, CMS, manufacturer and supplier deletion.

Repair your 404 pages

Logs 404 errors and prefilled. Now you can manages and redirects 404s to increase SEO.

Create rules

Handle most of your problems by creating regular expressions.

SEO Redirection

Remove the 404 errors of your store

Have a direct and positive impact on your customers and your SEO.
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It is a wise investment

PrestaShop modules we created first to solve the problem of our own business - an e-Commerce site. That means they are very useful for serious business. If you value your web property, these modules are a wise investment.
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