ChargeMe - Automatic Billing & Recurring Payment P 1.7

After a long days waiting for upgrade, finally, ChargeMe - One of the top Loyalty module for Prestashop Awards 2017 - is compatible with Prestashop 1.7.

There are no many payment modules for P1.7 at this time and this module are one of the first.
In this new version, PrestaSOO brought an interesting change: Show tax, shipping and Coupon value of orders on Paypal.

ChargeMe module is available on Prestashop 1.7

One of top Loyalty Prestashop module

If you need to manage a subscription product in your ecommerce store, this ChargeMe is the best module available to make that possible! Monthly subscription services are a breeze, but you're not locked into charging monthly fees - you can set up the schedule that makes sense for your business. It works seamlessly with most well-written Prestashop themes.

Both new online shop owners and seasoned Developers should be using this module from the very start of the development membership websites, if they really want to have a full-featured subscription management software unlike any other. It's good value for the money.


  • Create, manage Subscriptions & Subscribers.
  • Automatic Billing & Recurring Payments via PayPal.
  • Quick to choose the start date and buy the Subscription products directly on homepage, category page or anywhere.
  • Manage and termination of a subscription directly in customer's account
Paypal Payment Gateway

Turn your customers into subscribers

This module allows you to take recurring payments for your clients. It makes it easier to collect payments from your clients than it would be to send out a manual invoice to each one of them every month.
It's also easier for the clients, as they don't have to remember to send a payment to you - they can simply wait for their chosen payment method via Paypal Payment on your website to automatically draft each month, and there's nothing for them to do.

Get this Advanced Cart Rules module

New module.

Xleft module

Xleft shows customers how much more they need to spend to get free shipping in real time.

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Fix page assignment issues.

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Enhance the level of security.

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Fix the deleting product issue.

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PrestaShop modules we created first to solve the problem of our own business - an e-Commerce site. That means they are very useful for serious business. If you value your web property, these modules are a wise investment.
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