Newsletter Popup supports ClearOut & TheChecker

It's easy to improve your Inbox Rates with email verifier services.

Email marketing works because it allows you to succeed in leads and customers within the place they are going a day — the inbox.

Newsletter Popup v.2.9.7 module supports two email verifier services: ClearOut & TheChecker. Now improving the email open rates doesn’t require a lot of heavy lifting and you will save a lot of money on running your business based on a PrestaShop Store.

How does this work?

You easily get an API key from ClearOut or TheChecker (or both) and put it inside the Newsletter Popup module. Every time a visitor submits his email address into the field, your module will send a request to the Email Verifier Service to check this email address.

If this email address is deliverable, it will be submitted to your mailing lists on MailChimp, HubSpot, SendInBlue or Platform:ly as well as a coupon code will be generated!

Is it cool?

Do you need another email verifier service? Leave a comment below and we will integrate with it.

Email Verification with API

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