Why you should use Prestashop for your eCommerce site

I. It has everything you need

Everything you need to build an e-commerce shop can be found on Prestashop. Its awesome features guarantee good performance. Your easy-to-use user interface will be enjoyed by visitors that come across your shop.

Prestashop assures that your shop will be seeing business growth. You’ll pull off a multi-product website with as many categories as you’d like with ease.

II. Easy to use

Something users love about Prestashop is that literally, anyone can use it. You don’t need technical expertise and development experience to build your platform. All you have to do is download your favourite modules, install them, and you’re good to go.

If you’ve got some coding experience that you’d like to pull out, you are always welcome to make some modifications to the source code to make your online shop truly unique. If you’d like, you can just as easily add one or two Prestashop Addons to your existing site.

III. It’s great for low budget businesses

Prestashop is great for SMEs. You shouldn’t have to pay an exorbitant amount for an attractive e-commerce shop. Any of these quality addons can be used without having to pay any fees.

Small e-commerce shops will be glad to have all these options without having to add to their costs.

IV. A flexible platform

Prestashop isn’t only for computers - you can put together an eCommerce site as well. You’ll be able to reach customers that use their mobile phones to shop, rather than only able to access those with desktop computers or laptops. Themes will work across devices, and your customers will thank you for the thought.

V. You can personalize your shop

A unique site is easy with Prestashop. You can take your pick out of the array of themes available, and apply modules and features that you think your customers will love. Your shop will be personalized to your business, for example, add icons to the PrestaShop menu, and it will be easy to recognize in the internet marketplace or change PrestaShop Invoice Template.

VI. Manage your products easily

Some shops find themselves with a great number of products of many types and find it challenging to make it easy for customers to find what they need. With Prestashop, you’ll be able to manage your products easily. You can categorize your offerings and tag them according to type.

Your customers will thank you for the wonderful user experience that you can offer (even better with Agile Ajax Search - the fastest & eye-catch Prestashop Ajax Search module) with a shop that is easy to navigate.

I also have a Prestashop tutorial for beginners How to install Prestashop 1.7 helps to make a Prestashop website easily & without any problems.

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Latest modules update!

ChargeMe v5.3.9 ⊙
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Age Restriction - 18+ v2.3.4⊙
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Compatible with both PrestaShop 1.7 & PrestaShop 8.

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It is a wise investment

PrestaShop modules we created first to solve the problem of our own business - an e-Commerce site. That means they are very useful for serious business. If you value your web property, these modules are a wise investment.
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