What should be the length of title on Prestashop for SEO

How to write a strong SEO Title Tag that Google will love on your site? In my previous tutorial on Prestashop SEO Made Simple : A Step-by-Step guide, i said that the title should be succinct between 5 and 10 words, roughly 60 characters. Yesterday when i worked on a P1.7 website, i can see this platform offers you to write a title tag with max 70 characters.

What is the correct number? Because title tags are one of the essential elements, and even a slight change in the meta title of your page can bring a significant shift in your organic rankings, so, we need to find the correct number.

What should be the length of title on Prestashop for SEO

The title tag tells search crawlers what your page is exactly about, it is the first content crawled on your page, so writing perfect title tag is extremely important.

Take a look into the picture above. Here we searched "remove Powered by Prestashop from email". #1 title has more than 65 characters, and #2 title has 63 characters ( it's me :D - Please don't tell me about the ranking ^^ : the first result from Prestashop. I just want to say that the #1 title has been truncated.). As i said, the length should be maxed 60 characters (including spaces), however, it is not a character length but actually, it is a pixel length which is considered by Google (600 pixels). Hence character length for different languages can be different.

Stick to those, and your title on Prestashop website will generally not be truncated, if they’re relevant and you’re not doing anything crazy with special characters.

Prestashop Title Length suggest by Core

According to Moz community, the best title length is 50-60 characters, but in a blog post on Bigleap, Adam Fifield said that you can use max 70 characters.

Ok, I admit that i don't have a better position on ranking than someone :3, but at least, my title not be truncated. What is your choice? For me, 60 - 65 characters is the best option. No more.

Thanks for taking the time to read! I look forward to answering questions in the comments. Hope my Prestashop Tutorial is useful for beginners.

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