Prestashop Discounts Rules: Sell your products to the world

Anyone can have an online store and provide people with their required products. However, the real problem arises when you have to ship the products in different geographical areas. So now, with the advancement in technology you can offer your deals with this module.

This Prestashop module will allow you to provide your customer with free or discounted shopping.

With promo codes, you can simplify the process of providing your customers with effective gifts and vouchers.

Everyone knows that there is nothing that attracts a customer more than discounts and free vouchers. You will find no limits to the power of this module as it will help you meet your business requirements.

The importance of creating automatic promotions

You will gain the following key benefits:

  • It will make your business stand out from the crowd.
  • It will help you provide your customers with special discounts on buying a product of particular price.
  • You will be able to attract more customers with special Prestashop code promos.
  • You can make your customers come back by providing them with special gift cards sent to them through email.
  • Will help you in creating special custom discount codes

What will you have

This Prestashop Addon is equipped with the following key features:

    • Customized control: You can easily categorize your products according to the discount percentage and the currency discounts.
    • Promotion rules: There are several built-in features that will allow you to customize your promotional rules. It will make your customers empty their wallets.
    • Multi-store support : The discount rules you have made can be applied to one or many stores, the choice is yours.
    • Discount rules : To attract your customers you can build special discounts and voucher gift cards. You can also provide your customer with the service of buy one get one free. This will keep your customers faithful.

Why do you need

IConvert Promotion (formerly SOO Discount Rules) will be very beneficial for your business as it will provide you with several modules. It will allow you to attract more customers and thus, you cannot sell your products without this amazing module.

It also can manages any tasks you want for your e-commerce store to control the discount rules and be regarded as the latest module for generating effective discounts.

Improvements in technology

      Many remarkable improvements have been made that has made this software easily accessible on cell phones. It can now easily work on special hosting and is compatible with several devices. Errors in the software are fixed every now and then to make it perfect for use.


      Customers who have downloaded this Prestashop addon have loved it because of the remarkable features and benefits it provides them with. They are looking forward to more advanced features in the software as they are hoping to have a bright future with this software.

Download IConvert Promotion now to make your business fly to the new heights of success.

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