How to fix SQL error to Install Prestashop

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When you install Prestashop on a server with Mysql 5.7, you will get an error occured installation process :

"SQL error on query All parts of a PRIMARY KEY must be NOT NULL, if you need NULL in a key, use UNIQUE instead​"

This error will breaks your installation process whether you try to reinstall as many times. Here is the way to fix this problem.

Open your Prestashop-package/install/data/db_structure.sql file :

Prestashop Installation Error


CREATE TABLE `PREFIX_cart_product`
Look below this line and change PRIMARY KEY to UNIQUE


Save and exit. That's all. Now you can re-install without any problems.

Author : Frank Nguyen
Frank Nguyen

The founder of the Owaci, a fast-growing ecommerce company, main developer of PrestaSOO team. Subscribe to receive his articles to show you how to manage, develop your Prestashop website.

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