PrestaShop cart rules - buy X get the cheapest free

With the IConvert Promotions, you can automatically create PrestaShop cart rules that allow you to offer customers a discount on their purchases when they buy a certain amount of products.

For example, you can set up a rule so that customers who buy 4 products get the cheapest product for free. This quantity discount is a great way to encourage customers to buy more products from your store, and it can also help clear out inventory.

PrestaShop cart rules

Create PrestaShop cart conditions automatically

IConvert Promotions module helps you with advanced features:

  • Select which categories are enabled for this promotion.
  • Apply the rule for each customer group selection:customers/guests/visitors
  • Allow on all orders as the default or only the first order/re-order
  • Set up the maximum value of the discount.

You can enable or disable many rules on a product as you wish.

An example of your PrestaShop cart rule with the iConvert promotions

Let's say you set up a promotion with a maximum value of discount is $10.

If a client buys A product for $25 + B product for $30€ + 2 x C product for $22

The discount will be applied to the order total for the cheapest which is C (22€). But as the rule is limited to $10, the voucher will be $10 anyway. The coupon code is automatically generated, and the user doesn't need to add it to the cart manually anymore.

Recover Abandoned Carts better than your competitors

IConvert Promotions is not only a cart rule creation but also a creative marketing tool. Let's recover abandoned carts and reduce customer churns with the Reminder Popup feature.

IConvert Promotions

If customers are leaving the product page, the module will open a reminder popup that will show the benefit they have with this product. They might want to continue shopping and click on the big button. If they choose "Remind me later", the module will help you to collect this lead's email and send a reminder email after a few days (which you can edit on the module configuration page of the back office page).

Leads will be synced with HubSpot, MailChimp, SendinBlue or Platform ly.

You never need another Abandoned Carts Recovery plugin again.

PrestaShop Abandoned Carts

The quantity discount is one of many features in the Iconvert Promotions. This promotional PrestaShop 1.7 tool helps you automatically create price rules for free shipping, minimum orders, and email vouchers after orders - It’s a complete package for running promotions and is ideal for PrestaShop stores:

  • This extension allows you to manage promotions from a single page. It has no limits on the number of rules, coupons, or items in a cart.
  • There is also an option to provide free shipping on orders based on certain conditions such as the amount of cart total, customer group etc.
  • You can also select a specific product category or a customer group to add to the minimum order rule.
  • This plugin provides an option to create unlimited email vouchers after orders. The customers can use it at the time of their next purchase.

Don't miss the tool that should be your priority in enhancing your sales.

Get this Advanced Cart Rules module

New module.

Xleft module

Xleft shows customers how much more they need to spend to get free shipping in real time.

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