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How to get Instagram Client ID & Client Secret Key

Instagram Client ID and Client Secret Key are used to integrate a social login module on e-Commerce site, that allows visitors to access websites using an Instagram account.

Many customers report being tired by having to create new accounts to buy something, and a social login module is a good solution to boost conversion rates that provided on your online shop will give rich opportunities for merchants.

We also have a plan to release a Prestashop Social Login module (Fb, Twitter, Insta...). What will the module called? Just tell me a name!

Instagram Client ID and Client Secret Key - What are they?

The Client Id is a public identifier for Prestashop module, and the Client Secret Key is a secret known only to the module and the authorization server.

Your module won’t be able to exchange data with the Instagram API without them. So, you might want to ask

Instagram Client ID

How to get these instagram api details - Instagram Client ID and Client Secret Key

Step II - Developer Signup

Fill these fields in seconds to signup as a developer:

Developer Signup - Instagram

When you done, it's time to build your first Application to connect the Prestashop Social Login module to your Instagram API.

Step III - Register your app to get Client Id and Client Secret Key

Click on Register your application to start

Register application Instagram

Fill all fields in the form that asks for:

  • Application Name: Name of the application. It should be Prestashop Social login.
  • Description: Write a short description of your application.
  • Website URL: Full URL. For example: https:// yoursite.com. You should have a SSL certificate for your site or your website's ranking is very low.
  • Valid redirect URLs: have to be https:// yoursite.com/modules/my-social-login-module/instagram. It's used to redirect the user to a URI of your choice. If you don't have a correct redirect uri, you are getting an error Redirect URI does not match registered redirect URI.

Confirm all information, click on Register button for the final result.

Register new Client ID

Step IV - Final

It's done! You’ve got Instagram Client ID and Client Secret Key! Copy and paste the Client ID and Client Secret key in the admin panel of your .

Client ID - Client Secret Key

Your module will use these information to request the data from Instagram.

Someone were discovered that this social network had lowered the rate limit for its Platform API - 5,000 times per hour. But don't worry. A volume of 5,000 times per hour likely isn't necessary for most.

P/s: Huhhhh! Instagram Client ID & Client Secret Key have been shutdown by Prestashop due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Now you have to use Facebook API instead of Instagram Client ID & Client Secret Key. We will update the new way very soon.

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