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Author : Frankie
Prestashop on Ubuntu 16.04 : My products are stolen ?

When i upgraded my Prestashop server from Ubuntu 14.04 to Ubuntu 16.04, my Prestashop products were not displayed on category pages. Who did take them from me ? My server has been hacked ?

Actually, this is a database issue due to Mysql 5.7 on Ubuntu 16.04. Do you have a plan to download Prestashop and install your ecommerce website on an Ubuntu server ? It's a good idea but this issue will effect to any Prestashop websites running on Ubuntu 16.04. Take some minutes here to know how to fix it!!!

Author : Frankie
How to show the number of orders per customer on Prestashop

It's very helpful if you can show the number of orders per customer on "Manage the Customers" page. In this tutorial, i will describe step by step how to show it (Visit Customers -> Customers on Prestashop Backend Office page).

Well, we only need to edit 1 file ( AdminCustomersController.php ) to get the data and show it. It's very easy.

Author : Frankie
Backup a huge Prestashop website

There are many Prestashop Addons allow you to backup your website. But what will you do if your website is too big?

What problems might you face when your site is too big

If it's too big, backup job fails : there are 2 way to compress your files - Zip function ( on your php package ) and Pclzip ( build-in Prestashop Package ). They are not good enough to backup a huge website and the compression processing during a backup will be break down.
Another problem is you can not upload backed up file that is too huge to cloud ( Google Drive or others ).

Author : Frankie
How to setup Prestashop cart expiration time

On this tutorial, we will define how long your ecommerce website will remeber the cart of buyers that left without checkout. Sometime we need to control the way of how long shop will remember cart with such products to avoid the problem of stock unavailable.

Here you can find information about your Prestashop Cart expiration time to decrease or increase.

Author : Frankie
Prestashop 17 upgrade : It's not for your current website

Prestashop 1.7 is the next generation of Prestashop with many features, but it's not for your current website. You might want to use this version for your next project on 2017, but in case it will be released on this year, do not need to waste your time upgrading.

Author : Frankie
Prestashop Email Settings with Gmail

Two years ago, i wrote a Prestashop tutorial to show you how to configure Prestashop Smtp parameters. Everyday, i've still received hundreds of emails from you asking me about Prestashop email setting.

I decided to publish this video to help you setup Prestashop email system easier with Gmail SMTP Server. Follow step by step on my tutorial, you could make it easily without any problems.

Author : Frankie
Optimize Prestashop Urls to improve Prestashop SEO [Part 2]

Back to my previous article about the easy way to improve Prestashop SEO, i said that having SEO-friendly URL structure on a site means having the URL structure that helps the site rank higher in the search results.

To an SEO expert, it holds much more information than a web page’s location. It provides informative signals that help search engines understand the content of your Prestashop website, it’s purpose, and it’s target market.

Author : Frankie
The Art of Pricing for Prestashop Websites

How to stay competitive while remaining profitable? Pricing is both an art and a science that requires an experimental attitude coupled with an intuitive feel for how you want your brand and by extension your products to be perceived.

Keeping product pricing competitive and profitable is the new challenge most Prestashop stores face

This is mainly because there are a huge number of online stores selling the same category of products. Moreover, we see online customers making price comparisons before making the final purchase.

Price your products too low? Well, you might get a ton of sales but you might find yourself going under when you tally up your expenses at the end of the month.

If you price your products too high, you might give off an aura of luxury, prestige, and exclusivity thereby attracting a more well-off clientele which is smaller in number but makes up for volume by purchasing your products at the higher price. However, what if you're in an area where the demographic is especially price-sensitive, then what will you do?

Let us look at a few tips for your Prestashop ecommerce website that can help you price your products profitably, even in the face of huge competition!

Author : Frankie
Prestashop 1.7 : On the road to sucess

Prestashop 1.7 is on the road to become the best e-commerce solution for small business and startups. It's coming very soon with tons of amazing features and enhancements.

Start your ecommerce business with Prestashop, you could save alot of money

Prestashop does not require any specific requirements, Prestashop Addons are cheaper than Magento addons. You could run your website on a hosting with only from 5 euro / month.

PrestaShop 1.7 Beta 2 has been released a few days ago, that means we will see the Final very soon. Now we will see take a look into this version to discover the next Generation of Prestashop.

Author : Frankie
Prestashop Free Shipping - a point of difference benefit

While free shipping was once a point of difference benefit of your Prestashop store (something it would separate you from other retailers), it has increasingly become a price of entry benefit, without which many customers never buy from you.

Offering free Shipping on your Prestashop site is more attractive than a dollar discount

Julia - my girlfriend, and her mother started talking about how much they liked free shipping. It went something like this:

“I love that I get free shipping from Asos” she said. “It makes buying stuff so much easier. I bought some nice shirts for Nguyen. It’s awesome.”
“Well, Julia” her mother said, “Free shipping is the best. I rarely buy stuff unless it has free shipping.”

The conversation continued, but these quotes give a general idea about how it went.

Author : Frankie
Prestashop Tutorial - Improve Prestashop Url for SEO

Today, Natalie explains how to optimize your Prestashop Urls for search engines and humans alike.

You do not need to be a SEOs to improve your Prestashop SEO.

Both search engines and people prefer websites to have consistent, easy-to-read URLs. URLs structure is the real presentation of your website. A url containing just vivid and useless information means nothing for a search engine and also users don’t like it. That's why you need to have a beautiful urls on your Prestashop site.

I’ve noticed sometimes web developers and SEOs live in two parallel universes, each with its own center of gravity. While web developers basically care about crawlability, site speed, and other technical things, SEOs are mostly focused on what constitutes their sacred grail: website rankings and ROI.
Anyway, you do not need to worry. PrestaShop by default doesn't have search engine friendly URLs enabled but enabling this feature is actually quite easy.

Enabling SEO URLs

First, look at Prestashop Default url :


Please remember: The more readable by human beings, the better. It should come as no surprise that the easier a URL is to read for humans, the better it is for search engines. Accessibility has always been a part of SEO, but never more so than today, when engines can leverage advanced user and usage data signals to determine what people are engaging with vs. not.

The requirement isn't that every aspect of the URL must be absolutely clean and perfect, but that at least it can be easily understood and, hopefully, compelling to those seeking its content. So, we have to fix this issue on your Prestashop site and make the url clearer!

Author : Frankie
Prestashop Backup - Prestashop Tutorial

As you know, your boutique database is the most value of your e-commerce business. So, backup your Prestashop database everyday or you will lost everything.

In case you own or run a website for a fast-growing e-commerce business, you may well be at a crossroads. Your database is supported by a single server, but your business is growing so quickly that you are getting dangerously close to a crash.

It is strongly recommended that you backup the database at regular intervals and before an upgrade.

NOTE: This Prestashop tutorial will show you how to backup your Prestashop database that include all your products, cms, manufactures and others, but DO NOT backup the files and folders such as images, theme files on the server.
If you need a complete Prestashop module to backup your database and files, i recommend you to use SOO Prestashop Cloud Backup.

Author : Frankie
List of Prestashop 1.7 Icons

2 years ago i wrote the article about Prestashop 1.6 icons. At that moment, Prestashop uses a customized version of FontAwesome as its icons framework. After 2 years, in August 2016, Prestashop 1.7 is comming soon and i found a new thing about Prestashop Icons.

Now, Prestashop Team uses "Material Icons" from Google as its build-in icons

You could easy to use these icons on your ecommerce site like this :

<i class="material-icons">face</i>

Above method is supported in most modern browsers on both desktop and mobile devices.

Prestashop 1.7 icons Mordern browser support

For browsers that do not support ligatures, fall back to specifying the icons using numeric character references like the example below:

<i class="material-icons">&#xE87C;</i>

Do not forget we have 235 Premium Prestashop Icons that works well on both Prestashop 1.6 & 1.7. You could use Prestashop Default icons and 235 Premium Prestashop Icons on creating your Prestashop Mega Menu module - SOO Magic Menu.

You might want to discover about logo Prestashop and how to customize it for your website?

Here is the list of Prestashop 1.7 icons for your ecommerce store :

Author : Frankie
SOO Magic Menu 2.5.0 : Choose Prestashop Icons directly

On the first time we released SOO Magic Menu - the best Prestashop Mega Menu module, we brought to you 235 premium Prestashop icons and beautiful design for e-commerce sites.

At that moment, if you want to use these icons, you have to open the user guide documentation and search!

Now everything is easier. As soon as you create a new menu, you can select any icons you want with just one click.

Do not need the Userguide documentation, without detection and not worry about the wrong value.

Author : Frankie
Prestashop Discount Module

Anyone can have an online store and provide people with their required products. However, the real problem arises when you have to ship the products in different geographical areas. So now, with the advancement in technology you can offer your deals with this module.

This Prestashop module will allow you to provide your customer with free or discounted shopping.

With the Prestashop coupons, you can simplify the process of providing your customers with effective gifts and vouchers.

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