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Author : Frankie
How to show subcategories images in Prestashop's top menu

Few months ago i wrote a tutorial to share about the way to show categories images on menu.

Then @Psdesigner and @Damien Belgacig asked me about the way to put subcategories images instead of main category's image. Sorry 2 guys, Disqus didn't tell me about your comments.

Well, as my previous article, if you edit ps_mainmenu template file (ps_mainmenu.tpl) and put the source code as my suggest, all categories images will be showed on Prestashop Menu. In case you only want to allow subcategories images, we need to make some changes.

Author : Frankie
Starting Your Own Subscription Business with Prestashop

Subscription Business is not new and quite common, especially for the services. Since consumer buying habits are trending toward more simple and hassle-free shopping experiences, more and more companies are jumping into the subscription space and seeing incredible growth. It's not difficult to use it on your Prestashop website.

Selling a one-off digital product, service or course may offer you instant gratification. You get an email saying you've made a sale and the money turns up in your bank account. However, you then need to work hard to get a new customer to make a purchase.

One of our clients, Rajković, sell animal food and feeds in Prague, Czech. His products are very good and his clients are very lovely.

But he told me "Frank, i'm losing. I'm spending too much money on advertising."

This costs time and money. So why not try maximising your revenue – and easing your cash flow – by persuading customers to sign up to a membership/subscription? That way your initial marketing investment pays off month after month after month.

Author : Frankie
Display flags in the language switcher - Prestashop 1.6, 1.7

Sometime you want to display flags in the language switcher in your Prestashop theme. Our clients also asked me how to show the flags and sometime wanna display the flags from dropdown to inline.

All you need is open this file : /your-website/themes/classic/modules/ps_languageselector/ps_languageselector.tpl using your favorite code editor ( my tool: text editor :D ) and change it as you wish.

Author : Frankie
How to remove Prestashop Theme Catalog menu

Prestashop Theme Catalog menu is available under "Design" section in website back office, and as a developer/designer/freelancer, you really don't want to keep this item because your clients use it to find a catalog of official addons marketplace themes. It's there for advertising purposes only and it is there totally useless.

Follow this guide helps you to remove the menu easily without any trouble.

Author : Frankie
Disable Prestashop Add to Cart Popup - Step by Step

Many people asked our support team to disable the popup that shows when adding a product to the cart with ajax, and instead redirect to the Cart Summary page. I have seen many posts instructing to disable Add to Cart popup in the Cart Block module, but it only works for Prestashop 1.6.

In P1.7, the feature "Redirect after adding product to cart" does not exist anymore, and in this case, you might want to disable Prestashop Ajax Cart feature that belongs to the Shopping Cart module. Unfortunately, if you disable this feature, the popup won't display but it does not redirects your customer to the Cart Summary page.

On this tutorial, i will show you how to disable Add to cart Prestashop popup, redirect to Prestashop Cart summary on v1.7.

Author : Frankie
How to remove Powered by Prestashop from email templates

I've received many questions from clients about how to remove Powered by Prestashop from emails. Well, your site is (almost) running, but you don't like the way the emails look, especially the bottom part "My site powered by Prestashop" that make you look like an amateur.

Maybe you would like to display there your own message for your customers or remove it for good. On this tutorial, i will show you how to remove it or display your own text.

Author : Frankie
How to create a discount for groups of customers on Prestashop

It's very easy to create a customer group discount on Prestashop. For example, you want to set a discount for those users that are registered on your site. By default, you can do it easily. But how to create and apply a limited-time offer for groups of customers?

Author : Frankie
Redirects affect Prestashop SEO

Redirection is the process of forwarding an URL to another URL. They are an essential part of SEO life, and are useful in improving Prestashop SEO & user experience, then will increase your sales.

Author : Frankie
Prestashop PHP 7: Fix error while saving preferences

PHP 7 makes powering your Prestashop website a whole lot better and run very fast for deployment on a server with PHP5. Unfortunately, there are some small errors with Prestashop PHP 7. This tutorial will show you how to fix the error when save preferences in BO.

Author : Frankie
[Tutorial] How to show the image on Prestashop 1.7 menu

Version 1.7 allows you to add some images to the menu of categories, but you will never see it. The following guide will help you to display easily the images on your website's menu.

Author : Frankie
Prestashop tutorial - How to remove Prestashop 1.7 footer link

When you use Prestashop as your ecommerce platform, you often see a link at the bottom of your website that linked to Prestashop official website. This is not a bad thing for your SEO, but it will distract the focus of the customers on your website, and indicate that you are an amateur.

In previous versions (1.6 or 1.5) we just had to switch some option in shop back office. In new PrestaShop 1.7 we must to edit template's file. On this Prestashop Tutorial, i will show you how to remove it!

Author : Frankie
SOO Paypal Subscriptions & Recurring Payment  is available on Prestashop 1.7 right now

After a long days waiting for upgrade, finally, Paypal Subscriptions & Recurring Payment - One of the top Loyalty module for Prestashop Awards 2017 - is compatible with Prestashop 1.7.

There are no many payment modules for P1.7 at this time and this Prestashop Paypal Subscriptions & Recurring Payment module are one of the first.
In this new version, PrestaSOO brought an interesting change: Show tax, shipping and Coupon value of orders on Paypal.

Author : Frankie
Increase sales on Prestashop website in bad weather

Europe Deep Freeze! From a business perspective, weather can have a significant impact on the bottom line. And as with most patterns of this type, bad times are usually balanced out with good times. This is the worst period for the retailer. But perhaps you do not know that this is a great opportunity to increase sales on your Prestashop website.

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