Optimize Prestashop Urls to improve Prestashop SEO [Part 2]

Back to my previous article about the easy way to improve Prestashop SEO, i said that having SEO-friendly URL structure on a site means having the URL structure that helps the site rank higher in the search results.

To an SEO expert, it holds much more information than a web page’s location. It provides informative signals that help search engines understand the content of your Prestashop website, it’s purpose, and it’s target market.

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Optimize Prestashop Urls to improve Prestashop SEO [Part II]

Matching your ecommerce page title with URLs

Removing the element of misleading and misguiding the customers, bringing harmony between the title and the URL of a Prestashop page, so that the customers shall know about the page they are just visiting.

Use Robots.txt to block Bad URLs

You can avoid being penalized for duplicate content by blocking search engines from indexing multiple URLs to the same content and other problematic URLs. It's because the robotx.txt file contains instructions for the search engines as to what pages of your site should be ignored during the crawl. Such pages get a noindex attribute and do not show up in the search results.

www or non-www

As a rule, there are two major versions of your domain indexed in the search engines, the www and the non-www version of it. You need to consider the www and the non-www domains a single entity, whereas they are two different things. Either merge both the URLs or select a preferred domain from your webmaster settings.

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