Prestashop Sitemap module increases conversions and visibility on search engines, improve Prestashop SEO, generate sitemap.xml to help Google and other search engines understand the organization of your site content in all the languages of your store (multilanguage), for all your stores (multistore)!

Silently generate a Prestashop Sitemap

Generates Google sitemap, Bing sitemap, Yandex sitemap for your shop and updates in real time with the latest published pages and you have fully customizable: manual add or remove urls, include images or not!


  • Automatically: Sweet Sitemap do everything you need automatically to generate a natural sitemap to climb to the top of Search Engines results ( Google, Bing and Yandex )
  • Multishop Sitemaps : Module is made for single shops as multiple Prestashop.
  • Multilingual Sitemaps : The module allows you to have sitemaps in all languages of each store to easily get your site listed on these languages. Based on recommendations from Google , it includes almost type of your Prestashop store ( products, categories, outlet campaigns ... ) separately to improve Prestashop SEO.
  • Control everything : Control the change frequency indicated in each sitemap, and which type you want to be seen by search engines. Add any urls to sitemap or remove urls from sitemap as your requirement.
  • An index for all : Each shop will have an index referencing each sub-section of the sitemap. This google recommendation considerably improves Prestashop SEO in the long term.

What merchants have

  • One thing, and very simple : Climb to the top of Google Search, Bing Search or Yandex Search and boost the sales!

What your customers will like

  • SOO Sweet Sitemap allow your customers to find your Prestashop store on search engines, either from the general search or the image search.
Prestashop Sitemap

Just install, configure and forget it

Sweet Sitemap will does the rest automatically to generate a natural sitemap to climb to the top of Search Engines results (Google, Bing and Yandex). It will also prevent robots (Google among others) the presence of it, easily customize the frequency of pages contained, automatic priority management is performed, calculated based on website updates!

Control everything on sitemap

Sweet Sitemap: Google + Yandex + Bing allows you to create a natural sitemap url include product pages, category pages, cms pages, manufacturer pages, suppiler pages, outlet pages (SOO Outlet Campaigns module) or any urls you want to add to sitemap.

Add or remove almost types of content

You could remove urls from sitemap or add a custom url by manual

SOO Outlet Campaign supported

Include your outlet campaign pages to sitemap
Sitemap Prestashop 1.7
Sweet Sitemap Google + Yandex + Bing Module

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