An easy and complete solution for managing 301 / 302 / 303 redirects and 404 errors resulting from years of experience in SEO for Prestashop

Built for differents SEO needs (migrating to prestashop, frequently products or categories deletion, URLs pattern modification or 404 issues). These powerfull features will increase your SEO on next level!

Create redirects manually

Indicate the URL you want to redirect and the destination one! The two URLs can be relative or absolute. Redirects can be 301 or 302 or 303 redirects, activated or deactivated. Others options are available and that you’ll discover !

Be warned each new error, but is not intrusive. The module attempts to find internal links that could address these issues. You then have to activate them on the fly.

SEO Redirection Premium - screenshot 2

Import redirects in bulk

Import redirects from CSV files, that will be especially usefull for migration to prestashop cases.

SEO Redirection Premium - screenshot 1

Adding automatic redirects on product, category, CMS, manufacturer and supplier deletion

The module provides a solution for problems related to any page deletion in PrestaShop (404 errors, «link juice» loose) by Adding automatic redirects on product, category, CMS, manufacturer and supplier deletion. Redirects point to (by default but every redirect can be modified):

  • The default category associated to the deleted product if this category is enable
  • The parent category of the deleted category if this category is enable
  • The parent CMS category of the deleted CMS page
  • The home page for deleted manufacturers and suppliers

Redirect any disabled product, category, CMS, manufacturer and supplier automatically

SEO Redirection Premium - screenshot 3

This is what you want to improve your Prestashop SEO

  • Repair your 404 pages.
  • Create rules (regular expressions) to handle most of your problems.
  • Easily change your linking policy.
  • Import redirects in bulk
  • Logs 404 errors and prefilled.
  • Multi-shop & Multilingual !

SEO Redirection Premium - screenshot 4

SEO Redirection Premium Prestashop Module

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