Age Verification Restriction 18+: Neon, Snow Fall, Bubbles & more

What's up, guys? I'm Sarah with PrestaSOO.

You need a popup to confirm the age when selling alcohol, tobacco... to prevents those who are under age from accessing your store.

But people hate popup!

I'm very excited to show you 4 new themes for Age Verification & Restriction 18+ module: Neon, Bubbles, Snow Fall and Halloween! (Oh, is Halloween is coming?)

  • The Neon theme brings the Bar's style.
  • Bubbles interface is modern and fun.
  • The Snow Fall theme is great preparation for this year's Christmas.
  • And....the Halloween theme will surprise your customers. Wait! Halloween is coming, isn't it?

Leave a comment below to tell me what do you think about these themes. We will be back with new themes next month.

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PrestaShop Newsletter Christmas theme

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