Monitor Google Pagespeed Inside score & Mobile Rriendly ranking for Prestashop

Pagespeed Prestashop

What it can do

Check Google PageSpeed Insights Score for your Prestashop website
Check your Mobile Friendly Compatible Raking
Easy to help you realize the change of Scores & Ranking

Tracking Your Success

See the change whenever you have a modified on your Prestashop Store, from which you may know that you're moving in the right direction in improving the user experience, promote your store's position on Google Search and increase sales.
Page Speed Score

Why this is important

Pagespeed was outed as Google ranking factor, showing that it had an impact on search engine optimization (SEO).
Page load time was added to the quality score to improve the customer experience and reduce abandonment.
If your website theme is not mobile or responsive, you won’t show up in search results on phones of any size or make.
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C'est un investissement judicieux

Modules Prestashop que nous avons créés en premier pour résoudre le problème de notre propre entreprise - un site de commerce électronique. Cela signifie qu'ils sont très utiles pour une entreprise sérieuse. Si vous appréciez votre propriété Web, ces modules sont un investissement judicieux.
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