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Automated payment & recurring billings for your PrestaShop store.
Compatible with Prestashop 1.7 & 8.0 // Translations: English, French, Éspanol, Italian


ChargeMe - Prestashop
Turn Your Customers Into Subscribers

Power a subscription business, from A to Z on Prestashop website

Integrate PayPal Api

Create the Subscription Plans

Starting your subscription business
Builds the most powerful and flexible tool to sell Subscriptions & Subscription Products in seconds.
Thanks to ChargeMe, now you can assign the subscribers into multi groups after subscribed to the setting of customer's permissions.

Why top Prestashop ecommerce websites use ChargeMe

Use ChargeMe

Capture more residual revenue

Subscription business is a best solution to guarantee how much money your Prestashop store is going to make in the future!

Get started in minutes

It's Plug-and-Play module - Within minutes of setup, you can start selling subscriptions/subscription products.

Improve customer loyalty

Your relationships with recurring billing customers last for years, keeps all subscriber activity—and your cash flow—running smoothly!

We have a roadmap

We will improve ChargeMe everyday and we have a roadmap for this module.
You're in a good team.
ChargeMe dashboard


It's everything you need to power a subscription business without monthly fees!
Many type of subscription plans: Start immediately, set the start date
Flexible billing periods: Daily, weekly, monthly, annual.
Automatic recurring payments via Paypal. Generate a new order on the next automatic payment.
Manage subscribers and the billings status easily.
Enable/disable option to cancel the subscription on your store.
Add the subscribers to some special groups after subscribed.
ChargeMe on Prestashop Store

The benefits for Merchants

If your products and services are ordered on a constant basis and demand recurring payments (magazines, books, etc...), it will helps your customers set a type of subscription and receive them by a certain time without cease.

Easy to implement

Flexible and automatic billing frees you from sending invoices.

No up-front costs

You'll have the same low fee schedule used when you receive other PayPal payments.

Improve buyer experience

With customizable buttons and secure payments, happy customers become repeat customers.
v5.3.2: Automatically generate coupons for subscription
v5.1.8: New Dashboard, Charts, Limited Cycles Billings, Fixed Start Date
v5.0.8: Trial with fees
v5.0.4: New Free Trial feature.
v5.0.1: Fix an issue on customer groups
v5.0.0: No more duplicate orders by duplicate IPNs errors.
A new Subscribe button to allow the customer buy the product as subscription product on a "Start immediately" subscription plan (v4.5.8)
Start the order immediately that your customers do not need to select the start date - New IPN Class (v4.5.7)
Fixed some common issues on Prestashop 1.7 (v4.3.6)
Fixed the issue on product combination saving (v4.3.5)
Send an email to notice when customer cancels the subscription plan. (v4.3.4)
Compatible with Prestashop 1.7 (v4.3.1)
Show Tax, Shipping fees and Coupon value on Paypal Order Details (v4.3.1)
Automated Recurring Payment via Paypal (v4.1.1)
Show the Subscriptions Date Selection page and Payment page in Fullscreen (v4.0.1)
Translated into English, French, Espanol, Italian (v4.0.1)
Fixed errors on some Mysql versions (v.2.1.1)


One of top Loyalty modules for Prestashop Addons Awards 2017
ChargeMe history


Great module has a great history. And we will improve it everyday. So, what's new on the next version?
Trial for Subscriptions (Completed)
Subscription Expiration Notification
A Dashboard (Completed)


We've Helped Businesses Increase Their Revenue

ChargeMe is what you need for your subscription business on Prestashop
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