Guida Prestashop per mostrarti come costruire Negozi

Guida Prestashop I migliori sviluppatori e altri esperti offrono il miglior consiglio, guida Prestashop, per aiutarti a installare Prestashop, personalizzare il tema Prestashop e migliorare SEO Prestashop

Author : Sarah Reeves
Prestashop products, subscriptions vs subscription products

SOO Paypal Subscription & Recurring Payment is the only Prestashop module that allows you to sell products as recurring products on the Prestashop website using Paypal. It provides two different, but related items: Subscription products and subscriptions.

Everyone is aware of a subscription relationship is far additional valuable to you than a once purchase. On the business facet, subscription commerce offers a stable money model in recurring monthly revenue that may be designed around nearly each niche – from foods, beauty, membership to pets.

If there’s associate existing community around a product or class on-line, likelihood is you'll be able to build a subscription box around it. Offering Subscriptions on your PrestaShop website is a good idea!

Here we will provide an explanation of the differences between a Prestashop product (regular product), a subscription product and a subscription. And then, you could find some examples to illustrate those differences.

Author : Sarah Reeves
Logo Prestashop: Complete tutorial

How well do you really know the Prestashop logo on your website? How to customize it, replace the default logo by another? I've compiled in this article everything about the logo of a site made with Prestashop.

How to change Prestashop Logo

This is not only the first question but also the most really interesting questions people ask when developing your ecommerce website.
To change the logo of your shop, go to BackOffice to access Admin panel, and then visit Preferences -> Theme menu (on both Prestashop 1.6 & Prestashop 1.7).

On this page, there are 4 types of customizable logos:

Author : Frankie
 How to get Instagram Client ID & Client Secret

Instagram Client ID and Client Secret Key are use to intergrate a social login module on ecommerce site, that allows visitors to access websites using an Instagram account.

Many customers report being tired by having to create new accounts to buy something, and a social login module is a good solution to boost conversion rates that provided on your online shop will give rich opportunities for merchants.

We also have a plan to release a Prestashop Social Login module (Fb, Twitter, Insta...). What will the module called? Just tell me a name!

Author : Frankie
Why you should use Prestashop for your ecommerce site

This ecommerce platform is the solution for businesses that are looking for a programming platform that guarantees quality functionalities that you can use to make your e-commerce site attractive and easy to maneuver. It is open-source, meaning that you don’t have to pay a dime!

Here are the reasons that you need to use Prestashop for your online shop!

Author : Frankie
How to install Prestashop Theme - Prestashop Tutorial

Before you start your business on your e-commerce Prestashop site, though, you'll have to install and set up your theme.

The goal of this guide is to show you everything that needs to install Prestashop Theme with Sample Data.

These days, owning a professional looking website is of crucial importance for any type of business. And you need a really good theme because it's your greatest ambassador on this endless digital market.

If it doesn't look professional and presentable, people will avoid interacting with it.

Author : Frankie
How to install Prestashop 1.7 - Prestashop Tutorial

What do you think about Prestashop? It is one of the most popular content management system for e-commerce websites. It is used by small businesses and large enterprise companies alike, and can be enhanced by thousands of Prestashop addons. More than 270,000 e-commerce sites worldwide run on this open-source platform and is available in 65 different languages.

It is fairly easy to use, provides a powerfully responsive store interface for shoppers. It also offers a comprehensive set of features. It's free & open source.

Today we will discover how to install Prestashop 1.7 on your hosting/server/local. I always love to deploy the shops on a Ubuntu Server - it's lightweight and easy-to-use. This is one of the most useful tutorials for developing your e-commerce site.

Author : Frankie
How to add a custom link to Prestashop Menu

Want to add a custom link to the menu? This guide shows how to add your link to the menu in your site easily.

Menus in your site may contain links to pages, categories, custom links or other content types. So, in case you want a menu tab to link directly to another website/webpage, then follow these instructions.

Author : Frankie
How to generate Prestashop Invoice by Customer name

Want to generate the invoice by customer name instead of the boring numbers? It's so easy - on this guide, i will show you how to do it:

Are you ready? Follow me.

Author : Frankie
Meta Description Prestashop - updated

How long should meta description in Prestashop be? I said you can write meta descriptions for 300 characters, but it's not correct anymore. Everything has changed!

As of mid-May 2018, Google has reverted back to shorter display snippets and these changes are widespread. Most meta descriptions are being cut off in the previous range of about 155–160 characters.

Author : Frankie
What should be the length of title on Prestashop for SEO

How to write a strong SEO Title Tag that Google will love on your site? In my previous tutorial on Prestashop SEO Made Simple : A Step-by-Step guide, i said that the title should be succinct between 5 and 10 words, roughly 60 characters. Yesterday when i worked on a P1.7 website, i can see this platform offers you to write a title tag with max 70 characters.

What is the correct number? Because title tags are one of the essential elements, and even a slight change in the meta title of your page can bring a significant shift in your organic rankings, so, we need to find the correct number.

Author : Frankie
How to show subcategories images in Prestashop's top menu

Few months ago i wrote a tutorial to share about the way to show categories images on menu.

Then @Psdesigner and @Damien Belgacig asked me about the way to put subcategories images instead of main category's image. Sorry 2 guys, Disqus didn't tell me about your comments.

Well, as my previous article, if you edit ps_mainmenu template file (ps_mainmenu.tpl) and put the source code as my suggest, all categories images will be showed on Prestashop Menu. In case you only want to allow subcategories images, we need to make some changes.

Author : Frankie
Avviare il Vostro Business di Sottoscrizione con Prestashop

Il Business di Sottoscrizione non è una cosa nuova, anzi, è piuttosto comune, in particolare per i servizi. Dato che le abitudini di acquisto dei consumatori si stanno orientando sempre di più verso esperienze di shopping più semplici e prive di complicazioni, sempre più società si stanno avventurando nel business di sottoscrizione e stanno riscontrando una crescita incredibile. Non è difficile da usare sul vostro sito Prestashop.

Vendere un prodotto digitale unico, che sia un servizio o un corso potrebbe darvi una gratificazione immediata. Riceverete un’email che vi comunicherà che avete concluso una vendita e i soldi arriveranno sul vostro conto in banca. Comunque, a quel punto, dovrete lavorare duramente per avere nuovi clienti che acquistino da voi.

Uno dei nostri clienti, Rajković, vende cibo per animali e mangimi a Praga, in Repubblica Ceca. I suoi prodotti sono di buona qualità e i suoi clienti sono molto gentili.

Lui, però, mi ha detto "Frank, sono in perdita. Spendo troppi soldi in pubblicità."

Ciò costa tempo e denaro. Perché, quindi, non provare a massimizzare i vostri introiti, e migliorare il vostro flusso di cassa, convincendo i clienti a iscriversi a una sottoscrizione/adesione? In questo modo sarete rimborsati del vostro investimento iniziale di marketing mese, dopo mese, dopo mese.

Author : Frankie
Mostrare le bandiere nel selezionatore della lingua- Prestashop 1.6, 1.7

Alcune volte vorrete mostrare le bandiere nel selezionatore della lingua sul vostro tema Prestashop. I nostri clienti mi hanno chiesto anche come far vedere le bandiere e a volte vogliono mostrare le bandiere dal menù a discesa o dal menù in linea.

Tutto ciò di cui avrete bisogno è aprire questo file: /yourwebsite/themes/classic/modules/ps_languageselector/ps_languageselector.tpl usando il vostro editor di codici preferito (il mio è: text editor :D) e modificatelo come preferite.

Author : Frankie
Come rimuovere il Menù Theme Catalog Prestashop

Se siete degli sviluppatori/designer/freelancer, non vorrete tenere il menù “Theme Catalog” nel back office di PrestaShop 1.7. È disponibile nella sezione "Design” nel back office del sito. Lì i vostri clienti potranno trovare un catalogo di temi marketplace di addons ufficiali. È lì solo per scopi pubblicitari e, in quel posto, è totalmente inutile.

Questo tutorial vi aiuterà a rimuovere il menù facilmente e senza problemi.

Author : Frankie
Disabilitare il Popup “Aggiungi al Carrello” Prestashop- Istruzioni Passo Passo

Molte persone vogliono disabilitare il pop-up che si apre quando si aggiunge un prodotto al carrello con Ajax, e invece vogliono essere reindirizzati alla Pagina di Riepilogo del carrello. Ho visto molti post che danno delle istruzioni per disabilitare il pop-up Aggiungi al Carrello nel modulo di Blocco del Carrello, ma funziona solo con Prestashop 1.6.

In Prestashop 1.7, la feature “Reindirizza dopo aver aggiunto il prodotto al carrello” non esiste più e, in questo caso, potreste voler disabilitare la feature Ajax Cart che appartiene al modulo del Shopping Cart (Carrello degli Acquisti). Purtroppo, se disabilitate questa funzione, il pop-up non si aprirà, ma il vostro cliente non sarà reindirizzato alla pagina di Riepilogo del Carrello.

In questo tutorial, vi mostrerò come disabilitare il pop-up “Aggiungi al carrello” Prestashop e come essere reindirizzati al Riepilogo del Carrello in Prestashop 1.7.

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