World class Prestashop Automatic Cart Rules Module

Generate Prestashop Discounts, Vouchers & Coupons automatically: Quantity discounts, send a Voucher after order by email, apply a discount on a customer group, or give some free products on cart. Use it to boost your sales, increase conversion rate, promote your products... The power of this module is unlimited.

Advanced discount rules for e commerce site!

Many types of discount

Filtered either in the attribution criteria or in the commutation: by category, by suppliers, by manufacturers, by products with discounts, by products with quantity price rules…

Setup order amount thresholds with or without taxes, all discount percentages and all currency discounts.

Customize your promotion rules in so many different ways, easy to get lost in the different amazing capabilities of this module but once integrated in your backend.

You can not start a business without SOO Automatic Cart Rules module!

If you don't have SOO Automatic Cart Rules module, that means you're not serious about business!!!
How can you offer your products to your customer? How can you create added value for VIP Customer or Loyalty Customer ?

While others try to make a complicated module, we try to get rid of the mess so you can focus on the best experience on Prestashop modules.

What is new

v6.2.2 : Compatible with Prestashop 1.7 all versions & PHP 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3

v6.2.1 : Fixed some issues

v6.2.0 : Compatible with Prestashop 1.7


Setup quantity discounts

  • 10% discount for carts between 500€ and 1200€, 15% for cart over 1200€
  • 2000€ bought in categories Iphone, Ipad ... => 10% off on these products
  • 500€ bought in categories Tablet, Laptop ... => 5€ per product in categories Iphone.

Setup discount products

  • Spent 300€, except discount products, in categories Shoes, T-shirt... => 10% off categories Coat or Hat...
  • Buy 2 products in categories Shoes, Coast... => 5% on categories T-shirt, Hat except discounted products.

Free shipping discount

  • Buy 4 products in categories Ipad, Latop => free shipping
  • Spend 550€ in categories Ipad, Latop => free shipping

...Or by Price

Discount 12€ for every 400€ purchased in categories Iphone, Ipad.

By amount of products

  • Buy one, get one free in a specific category.
  • Buy 3 products in a specific category => 20% off of the least expensive product.

Detect which products belong in each category. It can also detect identical products or identical combinations from these categories.

Code Promo Prestashop


Send a voucher after order by email

Send a Voucher by email

You may decide to sent a voucher by email automatically to a customer instead of placing it into the cart. Your customer will receive a coupon and they have to place a new order to use this voucher.
Your customers need a reason to come back your store, and this module allows you send a voucher to the customers in a order stage : Bank transfer payment, payment accepted / delivered ....You can change this parameters in backend easily.

Multi Store support

Each discount rule could applies to one or several stores.

Offers a premium and responsive email templates for best experience on every device

Merchant Benefits

  • # The promotional rules you define incentivize you customers to spend more!
  • # Increase your average cart value!
  • # Define rules to help sell products that are not selling as well as others.
  • # Easy to send a voucher by email - a premium and responsive email template. And your customer will come back because they want to use a Free voucher from you :)

This is the latest and the best module to manage, create the discounts, promotions and send voucher by email to your customers. It can does manything you want for your e commerce store.

Create a new account using your Real email to see how the feature "Send a voucher by email" works !!!

Key points

Customized control: You can easily categorize your products according to the discount percentage and the currency discounts.
Promotion rules: There are several built-in features that will allow you to customize your promotional rules. It will make your customers empty their wallets.
Multi-store support: The discount rules you have made can be applied to one or many stores, the choice is yours.
Discount rules: To attract your customers you can build special discounts and voucher gift cards. You can also provide your customer with the service of buy one get one free. This will keep your customers faithful.

SOO Prestashop Discount Rules module
Prestashop Discount Module

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