Everyone knows that performance issues can hurt sales and increase shopping cart abandonment. Understanding the effect of performance on these factors is important, but there are also a couple of hidden benefits to speeding up your site.

What this module can does?

  • Check your speed using Google PageSpeed.
  • Check your Prestashop Mobile Friendly Compatible.
  • Easy to help you realize the change of your store's speed and compatibility with mobile devices of your website whenever you have a change on your Prestashop Store, from which you may know that you're moving in the right direction in improving the user experience, promote your store's position on Google Search and increase sales.

Pagespeed was outed as Google ranking factor, showing that it had an impact on search engine optimization (SEO), and Google has continued to emphasize the need for speed because of the rising use of mobile devices.

According to Google’s blog post on the topic, page load time was added to the quality score to improve the customer experience and reduce abandonment.

If your website theme is not mobile or responsive, you won’t show up in search results on phones of any size or make.

Responsive design to fit all devices

Responsive design

Your Prestashop Pagespeed score looks good on any devices - a mobile, tablet or desktop. You could check the score easily!

 Prestashop Pagespeed & Mobile Friendly on any devices

Improve your Prestashop SEO

With this useful module, you can easily improve your Prestashop SEO on google, bring excitement and great experiences for customers and thereby sell more products.

Prestashop Pagespeed & Mobile Friendly Module
Prestashop Pagespeed & Mobile Friendly Module

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