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non-technical PrestaShop owners.

We help you sell smarter, not harder, with automatically generated attractive discounts.


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Cart Rules

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We think that well-designed promotions are the most important part of any online business.

IConvert Promotion helps you create conversion-ready special offers based on advanced cart rules, combine them and automatically apply generated coupon codes to boost your average cart & customer loyalty in seconds.

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Increase your sales and conversion rate with this PrestaShop addon, the unique module for the PrestaShop store owners that gives you complete freedom to create discounts and promo codes, as well as customize the way an offer should be shown with many themes.

You no longer have to manually adjust your discount rules. Automate them once, sit back and watch your online sales grow.

User criteria

Category criteria

Volume discount

Pricing criteria

Type of orders

Discount voucher


Free shipping

Percentage & amount

Price range

Number of impacted

Reminder popup

Reminder email

Timer countdown

Mention of benefits


Advanced Cart Rules Manager Module

Spend more time on the work you do and less time hunting for ways to increase your sales.

This PrestaShop module provides the fastest and the most reliable way to grow your online business with effective promotions & marketing features, rewarding loyal customers and converting visitors into customers, which are built to help you increase the average cart on any kind of PrestaShop website.

Compatible with PrestaShop 1.7, PrestaShop 8.

Translated into English, Français, Español, Italiano, Deutsch, Polski, Português, čeština!

Discount Effection
10% off for your first order
0 d 14:53:52
Free shipping up to $20 on orders over $100
1 d 04:23:32
25$ off on the voucher code for next orders
0 d 3:03:22
Discount Quantity

Boost conversion rate

Mention of Benefits.

Calculate discount codes after purchase for future purchases and display the right content about the total available value of vouchers to attract the right customers in the shopping cart summary or checkout page.

This is far better than any Average Cart Booster module and increases the conversion rate by up to 70% or higher.

PrestaShop Checkout

One more step!

Complete this order, you will receive vouchers up to {amount} for your next order.
PrestaShop Checkout details

Recover abandoned products

Reminder Email.

If you'd like to reduce the number of customers who leave your store, then use IConvert Promotion.

It not only helps you recover abandoned products but also helps you improve customer satisfaction & user experience.

How it works

After X days, or when the product quantity is lower than X, your customer will receive a notification email to buy it ASAP.

PrestaShop product

This is just a quick courtesy email to remind you about your favourite product, {product_name} has only a few remains (now less than {X} in stock).
Click below to let us take you right back to where you left off before it's too late!

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PrestaShop Product
Reminder Popup

Reduce customer churn

Reminder Popup

Reduce customer churn in seconds by offering a reminder popup that shows them which special promotions they will lose if they leave this item.

Every time they come back to buy products or submit an email address for email reminders, the more sales you get, the less money you lose.