Increase sales and help your customers save their time by introducing related products in the current category on the left and the right of product page while customers are watching an item on your site - It's a very interesting feature from the popular e-commerce sites but neglected on Prestashop.

Onpage Cross Selling Prestashop Module shows related products to increase shopping cart value.

Not only the images, it also introduces your clients detailed information of related products such as pricing and discounts.

Increase your cart average value

Acts as a real virtual advisor and allows your customers to take advantage of relevant recommendations, allowing them to be accompanied in their purchase intent.

Sometimes your customers do not like the product they are viewing, and it gives them a few other products that maybe they would like, from there, you can keep customers on your site longer and sell more products.

A small module, brought a small change but with great effect. And above all, you will sell more products.

Understanding Customer Experience

Onpage Cross Selling Prestashop module is designed so wonderful that it is not only a pleasant experience for your customers, but also with you.

Offer other products that maybe customers would like to keep customers on your site longer and sell more products.

Configure - Onpage Cross Selling with Related Products
Onpage Cross Selling Prestashop Module

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