Streaming your latest tweets from your Twitter account on your site.

Infinite Twitter module for Prestashop allow to show infinite tweets on your Prestashop website with many options - easy to change color, show or hide avatar, retweet, favourite link ... We have specifically designed this free Prestashop module so that it provides the best experience that you could hope for your site.

Our partners and clients were having issues with the Twitter API not displaying their tweets. Twitter changed their API many times so displaying your own Tweets required OAuth authentication.

There are a few Twitter module for prestashop out there, but we couldn't find one simple enough, or that worked. That's why SOO Infinite Twitter module was born. We designed this Prestashop module so everyone could have it at a click of a button.


  • Control the color, width and hight of module, number of tweets.
  • OAuth authentication & Twitter API 1.1 so tweets alway dislay on your store.
  • Control tweets appearance : show or hide avatar, retweet link, favourite link...
  • 3 Themes to choose (Sweet Infinity Theme , Horizontal Twitter Theme, Simple Twitter Theme) It's FREE now
  • Show or hide : Twitter name, Twitter avatar, Follow button It's FREE now.
  • Tweets from Twitter account or search query.
SOO Infinite Twitter Module

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