Prestashop Cart Reservation & Expiration allows customers to temporarily reserve products they have added to their cart. When a customer adds an item to Prestashop cart, it is reserved for "x" amount of minutes before they become available again at your store and to other customers.

What's new?

  • v2.1.4: Compatible with Prestashop 1.7.0 -> 1.7.5 and PHP 7.3. At this time, Prestashop 1.7.5 and 1.7.6 with PHP 7.3 are not stable. So, if you have an issue on installation this module, just try to re-install.( Or contact us :) )

The customer has the opportunity to purchase these products first. This makes your customers want to hurry and buy before someone else does. Events and products can sell out quickly so clients must keep an eye on the countdown clock in their cart in order to secure the picks.

Admins can see & monitor the Activity Carts, clear or edit the cart as their wish. A very powerful Prestashop module but simple, clean and clear design to make sure you can use it to boost your sales just in seconds!

The Cart Countdown Timer and stock alert message used within this module are a great way to monitor stock availability.

Every ecommerce site has to deal with the challenges that come with a product being “out of stock” from time to time.

With this module, no more "Out of Stock" on the payment page, give a comfortable time to validate carts without risk of frustration for clients.

Limited Stock Reservations

If you are running daily deals, flash sales, private sales or sample sales website where you have limited quantities of product in stock – then this module is for you!

Thanks to this module, customers can't add product in their cart if there is no quantity available.

Temporary Reserve Products

When a product is added to a cart, your client will see a timer notifying them that the reservation has started and will expire soon.

Reserved products are not available for other clients and guaranteed to be sold to the clients who added them to shopping carts.

Temporary Reserve Products in Prestashop Carts
Timer Countdown & Reservation Notification on Product Pages

Countdown Timer & Reservation Notification on Product Pages

Cart Reservation & Expiration module will show a notification on product pages that let other customers know when the product will become available for other customers.

Create and display the notification easily: All messages can be translated as you wish, and there are 2 types of notification.

User-friendly Admin Page

Option to setup the time of reservation, customize the message as you wish. You can also decide remove all products or only expired products from customer's cart when timeout, monitor acitivity carts and more.

User-friendly Admin Page

Prestashop Cart Reservation & Expiration Module

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