Prestashop pricing- bulk update with one click

If you only have some products on your online store based on an ecommerce software such as Prestashop, it's not a problem to control the Prestashop pricing. But even if you're a small business, you might have hundreds of products. Need to change all your product's pricing in second?

Here i will show you an easy way to do that. In another way, you might want to use one of most simple Prestashop Addons: Bulk Pricing Updater.

Prestashop Pricing

First, browse your Prestashop Database on PhpMyadmin or any MySQl Manager scripts.

PhpMyAdmin is a free and open source platform administration tool for MySQL. It is usually preinstalled on the server.
Here is our Prestashop Database with PhpMyadmin:

Prestashop Database | PhpMyadmin

Then click on SQL tab to excecute SQL

Execute SQL Prestashop Database

Final, we need to update the price. This is the most important step
If you want to increase all product prices by 12%:

UPDATE ps_product_shop SET price = price*1.12
UPDATE ps_product SET price = price*1.12

Do you see that? The current price plus 12% means [ price x ( 1 + 12% )].

In case you want to update the price and the whole price - for example, increase all product prices by 12% and all wholesale prices by 30%, just run this code

UPDATE ps_product_shop SET price = price*1.12 , wholesale_price = wholesale_price*1.3;
UPDATE ps_product SET price = price*1.12, wholesale_price = wholesale_price*1.3;

If you run above code, it will updates all Prestashop product price on your store. Actually, sometime you only want to update all product prices in a specific category.
I will show you how to bulk update all prestashop product prices in a specific category

UPDATE ps_product_shop SET price = price-.23 WHERE id_category_default=5 
UPDATE ps_product SET price = price-.23 WHERE id_category_default=5

(Decrease all product prices by 23 cents, "id_category_default" is the id of category)

But you should backup your database before do it! This Prestashop tutorial is very dangerous and only for professional programmers.

To safely and easily with many options, we recommend using Bulk Pricing Updater - a Prestashop mass price update module - to update all product prices just with one click!

Are you are not familiar with Prestashop? Prestashop is a free ecommerce platform that included some good integrated payment solutions (COD, BankWire, Credit Card, Paypal...), a mobile responsive default template and innovative built-in marketing features.

I wrote some articles such as How to install Prestashop 1.7 on localhost, hosting, server and How to install Prestashop Theme to help you starting a small business based on Prestashop easily.

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